4 Quick Ways To Hide Your Bangs!

4 Quick Ways To Hide Your Bangs!

Today I am showing you four ways to hide your bangs. Whether you’re growing them out, or you’re just itching for a change, these hairstyles will carry you …


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  1. ulnvrbwhtur

    Oh, my new hairstyle looks like this now. How I wish I were as beautiful as you are – it's not possible physically, but spiritually, I know I can be like you. You have a great attitude and that makes you a lot more beautiful!

  2. Cynthia Low

    Great hairsyle, Dominique! I always love to watch the hairstyles that you have styled. Beautiful. I am from Singapore and luckily the living proof amp can be bought here. But for Kenra spray, unfortunately no. But luckily, I have friends who travel to USA frequently and they would buy and bring it back for me! I simply adore the Kenra!

  3. Deedra Thomas

    Thank you so much for sharing your product line. I just purchased Kendra Vol. 25, Got2B Fat-tastic mousse, and Living Proof. So far just tried the Kendra on my way out the door and luuuv'd it! I can't tell you how many hairsprays I've tried in my lifetime. Your site is quite informative and I appreciate your honesty.

  4. Ellen Apostolou

    I love love your hair tutorials. My question is, do your products make your hair stiff in order to create lift and hold? I tried a little Got2Be curls and my hair became stiff with a sticky-like quality. I have dry hair which is "naturally highlighted" so I don't wish to wash it very often. How do I get my hair to be soft again, day 2 or 3? I've also used got2be,,,play on my wispy ends to create texture and the hair lays straight and clumpy. Should I saturate my hair with water daily to remove some of the products then slowly build up again? My hair is a nice bob like yours.

  5. PM Garcia

    I like your haircut. I have curly hair but I want to cut my hair like that. Is it a basic bob or an a line bob? Please advise. Thank you for sharing this video. I am also growing my bangs out, and I am going to try your tips.

  6. Sesurschi Georgeta

    Hello Dominique, hello every one!
    I have a question about hair products, you can recommend another hair spray for freeze hair?
    I live in Japan and from all the products that you recommend just Kenra is hard to find.
    Thank you very much, I appreciate all your advices! Have a good day!

  7. Lynne Mason

    Love this video…love all your videos! I am 54 and strive to look and feel my best everyday. Your tips and tricks have been so helpful. I use many of the products that you recommend and have been so pleased with them all-so thank you, thank you, thank you! In the past I have wasted so much money on products that don't perform well or how I expected them to. (Haven't we all?) No more- thanks to you!
    Could you please tell me how you would describe your haircut so that I can translate this to my stylist please ? I now wear my hair short and I love your cut-so flattering! This video is wonderful- I can't wait to try all these cute "bangless" styles!! Thanks for what you do!

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