Beauty Chat: 2015 Makeup Trends & Product Recommendations

Beauty Chat: 2015 Makeup Trends & Product Recommendations

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  1. Missy Reader

    Really cool video! I found it really interesting when you said cat eyeliner has been out for a while bc I stopped wearing cat eyeliner a few months ago just on my own and now I feel really on trend haha 😛  I would love to see more of your favorite sheer lip products as well as the pastel eye liner and mascara, that sounds really fun!

  2. Kasey Rulander

    I am a nurse with combination/oily skin. I work really long hours and struggle to find long-wearing products that look natural and not too heavy/cakey. From one oily skinned girl to another, I would love to see your holy grail products!

  3. Lisa Billson

    Fresh face is SO big this year. For update training at work, it was pretty much all about that natural face, that's my preference though so I love that trend!
    Also I'm so much more a sheer lipstick girl than a matte one, so I'm always excited about that one.

  4. Emily Richardson

    I'm super excited for all of these trends! Plum eyes are to die for-I've always loved that halo-grunge look and to see it hit the runways for spring is so exciting.

    You should totally do a wearable graphic eyeliner look. Of all the trends you mentioned, this was the only one I felt a little apprehensive about and I def wanna see how you would suggest wearing it!

  5. My Fabulous Life with Lupus

    Hi there; I am a brand new subscriber today and have to say in large part clicked that button due to  how comprehensive this video was; you covered every base I could possibly dream of and then some!For future video suggestions you asked about, I would especially love to see a tutorial on the Glossy Eye techniques you mentioned, but I would look forward to each and every trend you'll be exploring in your upcoming videos. In the meanwhile I guess I better get busy doing some serious binge watching of your older content and catch up on my Gnome lessons, lol! Thanks for sharing. With kind regards, – Carmel

  6. Michelle Crouse

    the cap can stay on the flower beauty butter lip colors, it's tricky, though. since it's a prism shape, the caps can be angled different ways, but only fit securely one particular direction. ultimately, a point must be made to verify the correct position of the cap before putting it away, which is a definite hassle if driving.

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