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  1. Kelly G

    hello do you or anyone know if the hair products from kerastase sold at target are the same as the ones sold at the beauty supply stores or thier website ?I would like to try the line but before I purchase it from target i would like to make sure its the same product as what you are recommending. Thank you

  2. Holly Lopez

    You are the most one of the most authentic ladies on YouTube!!!!! Please keep this way!!!! I by far promise you people will be drawn to you because you are TRUE!!! Not a sales person like all those other beauty guru!!! Cough cough…..J.H. Person πŸ˜‰ hahahahaha

  3. Jamil Aslam

    just discovered your page! love it! any advice for people with acne scars? i have heard so many different preservatives, not sure what is the real truth. you seem like a person that would give it to your viewers straight. any recommendations?

  4. Rose Polzien

    Thanks so much for putting a link to all the products ! Makes it so nice on this end, I'm sure a lot of work on your end! So thank you again
    Also would love to see a video on the face razors and your take on that process. Have you ever tried Moroccanoil dry shampoo? It works really well and the scent it phenomenal !

  5. myoclonic.jerk

    I absolutely LOVE your channel. You're so positive and have such a light about you, but you're also a treasure chest of knowledge about skincare. I'm using up all my rodan and fields before I start using my knew pharmaceutical grade products, but just adding the IS Clinicals active serum has completely shrunk my pores…even between my eyebrows!!! It's a Christmas miracle! Love you and I hope you always do YouTube!!!

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