HOT or NOT | Marc Jacobs Foundation

HOT or NOT | Marc Jacobs Foundation

MARC JACOBS FOUNDATION REVIEW!!! I have put the new Genius Gel to the test… & here are my thoughts – along with every detail i could come up with about …


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  1. Roya Shamsul

    can you do a review on either: the kat vond d eye shadow palletes/foundation, or the body shops all in one face base/lipsticks  ( i know these are all really random/different products, but they're all what i have been looking forward to trying out) 

  2. AJ17

    I've tried this foundation and while overall I liked it, it says it's not supposed to settle into fine lines and for me it did. But I did find the coverage to be buildable (I applied it with a brush using the stippling/tapping method, then buffed it out) and I liked the finish. It lasted me a good amount of time too (just had to do a touchup on my nose/chin which are the oiliest parts of my face and I have to touch those up at some point no matter WHAT foundation I'm wearing). I just can't justify the almost $50 price though.

  3. The Smile Jimin Lost

    Tati, can you please review the Dolce and Gabbana The Perfect Luminous foundation or the Gucci Lustrous Glow foundation? I am so curious about them but I haven't been able to find very many reviews on them and for my combination, fair-with-slight-pink undertone complexion, I'm just not sure what shade to get or if it's even with it 🙁

  4. feat.myself

    So sad, I bought it and it caused really intense allergic reaction. Red spots, rash all over my face… basically my complexion was burning ;/ I am really annoyed, because the colour matches me perfectly. Well, not right now :/

  5. Lera_s

    OMG Tati I have tried so many foundations until and could not find one UNTIL MJ gel!!!!! LOVE so worth the money. I was about to splurge on GA silk foundation and it is over $60. All and all I think this is great even with the price tag. :)) thank you for the review !!

  6. Kim G.

    I was looking for a new foundation the other day and I really wanted a luxury brand. I opted for Marc Jacobs and my god… this is the one. IT'S PERFECT. I never had a 100% matching foundation, and I am happy to say that this is the absolute number one foundation for my dry skin type. Loooooove it. A+

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