Japanese anti-aging queen who looks 25 even tho she is almost 50!

Japanese anti-aging queen who looks 25 even tho she is almost 50!

One of my faverite anti-aging stars is her. She is almost 50, and looks like 25. Dont’ you think so? She introduces her beauty secret that is just placing a lot of …


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  1. Carrie Geren Scoggins [Official]

    I took cancer treatments, and was told to put lotion onto areas around the treatment area, because it is your "second skin," layer… Daily put on moisturizer!  I entrusted by skin to the Holy Spirit, to keep my skin young looking and healthy, and He has done so for me. I also do as scripture states, "do all you can do, then stand." Doing "all I can do," is putting on lotion after a shower, or washing my face, and again at night, and wearing sun screen when mowing the yard, or any time in the sun.  I am 45, if you see the thumbnail to my this week's End Times Prophecy News Update, Carrie Geren Scoggins, you can see God has protected my skin, note that there is no filter on my photo… I also spent lots of time juicing when in the 30's, and ate lots of stir fry, took a couple years off the health food, but getting back into it.  My suggestion is do not smoke, or drink alcohol, both ruins your skin, and wear sun screen, and ask the Holy Spirit to protect your skin, and keep you healthy and young looking.

  2. Arthuria Rossi II

    I think it is wiser to not focus so much on looking young but to look good. The age of a person is not as important as to be able to function in every area to the best of one's ability. To eat well most of the time, to move the body often and to be mild in all things! Enjoy your Life and smile! ✌

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