Makeup for Beginners | Affordable Products I Recommend | Casey Holmes

Makeup for Beginners | Affordable Products I Recommend | Casey Holmes

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  1. Gabrieluchyp12

    Um, so I don't have enough time to watch the whole video but, I am 18 years old and have never put on or tried Make-Up properly before… I have slightly medium sized under-eye bags and I don't know what to do. I am also tan. Not a harsh Orangish tan, but a bit beach-burnt one. And I only have really dark Mate Lipstick. I absolutely do not want to look like a Cake, all I want is to look as natural as possible, while covering the dark circles and I guess enhancing my eyebrow power😂 But I have no idea! I've never went to a Make-Up store properly before, or thought of what would be best for me. Someone help me! I want to use some natural looking Make-Up already. But my Mom says it'll destroy my skin and make me look old, plus the price… So if you read this, could you give me ones with affordable prices, where to find them, how to apply them, and if they're healthy? Pleeeeease~

  2. Christine Otero

    i was lookin on the website it was no help so I went on YouTube found this video love it…I'm a beginner I wanna start doing makeup.. just don't know how to or what product to get that won't mess up my face especially I have dry skin.. n this video help allot thank you so much…

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