MAKEUP REVOLUTION PALETTES: Best, Worst & Everything In-Between

MAKEUP REVOLUTION PALETTES: Best, Worst & Everything In-Between

Showing & swatching all 23 of my Makeup Revolution palettes… sharing what’s a hit, a miss, or just average. Subscribe to stay up to date with my videos!


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  1. Ana Alvarez

    ? I know I'm super late into the realm of makeup, but I'm beyond happy I found u. YES!!! I'm a 50 years young (LOL) lady on a fixed income of ssd, so ur videos r a God-send. Thank u sooooooo, sooooooo, sooooooo much!!! Peace and Blessings!! Ur new? devoted subbie, ~~ANA~~ ??

  2. Ana Alvarez

    ? I forgot LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ur eye look. Stunning!! Again, I'm late, but uf u gave a tut vud on this eye look please edu-ma-cate me. Sorry!! I'm a clown/kidder/joker. Anyhoos, thanx again & keep up the fricken awesome work!!

  3. Fiercely Me

    I love your reviews. I do think it's a little unfair to compare makeup revolution to a high end brand like LaRoc. What I'm most interested in is finding out if the palette is worth the price they're being sold at. It would be awesome if you could compare Makeup Revolution to Elf, or LA Splash or LA girl for those of us who are on a tight budget.

  4. Creativealliance 555

    thanks so much for the review, I like ur videos, I request u to plz do a video for concealers, but cruelty free brand and also tell me I have color difference around lips and mouth, that area is more dark than rest of the skin, plz suggest, some tip. I do use orange color corrector by NYX and concealer mybelleene and also highlighter la girl pro but results are not mouth area looks black not natiral.

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