Nars Skin Care Line Review (Worth The Hype Or Naw)

Nars Skin Care Line Review (Worth The Hype Or Naw)

Hey Guys! In today’s video we are reviewing the NARS skin care line. So, if you wondering if their skin care line is worth the price stay tuned.


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  1. Tina Marie - Haute and Savvy

    You know I love Nars as I think you have watched some of my hauls from there. I don't own any of the skincare but they give me samples whenever I am in LA and go to the boutique. The hydrating mask is on my list to purchase and it great at replenishing my skin when I am traveling on airplane with all that dry air! I also love when they use the toner on me at the store. I agree…very refreshing! xoxo

  2. Michelle Fitch

    Do you use the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud, you just answered my question on your video….lol, I love Glam Glow, I have heard the BEST things about Perricone MD cold cream for your face but that is 130 smackeroos, unreal, I have been saving up for it, I do have a Nordy's credit card and could use ebates too, that is a good idea….thanks Tina, been wanting the Thirsty Mud for a while now, I like to buy on Beautylish and split my payments into 3 also!  very convenient, because I live for inglot beauty products too and they have a ton of them!

  3. cestrc

    First time I put the cream on was pretty greasy BUT I realized now I was putting too much on compared with the among I normally need to put for other brands. Now I put like 2 drops on my finger tips and pat it on my face for the night and so far it's been working really well and I love it.
    On the side note, I don't know what they put on the formula but I have never used any skincare that makes my face so smooth and moist and won't get too greasy. NARS skin line is by far the most impressive brand I've had as far as skin products.

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