Office Friendly Outfits & No Fail Work Wardrobe Tips

Office Friendly Outfits & No Fail Work Wardrobe Tips

Today we’re looking at five of my favorite office friendly outfits and breaking down my no fail work wardrobe tips. I’ve included my simple do’s and don’ts that I …


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  1. Anna Maria Lassen

    Excellent, Dominique. I cannot agree more. I've been working in the financial sector for more than twenty years, and your guidelines are exactly the ones most of the women lived by. As you said, the better dressed, the faster people appeared to get ahead. Clothes make people, as a known word of mouth says.

  2. Marissa Cominotti

    I will add one piece to your list of office must haves- a wrap dress. It doesn't have to be DVF, but that style is a classic and accents your waist in a good way. I disagree that shoes have to be closed toe- peep toe pumps are appropriate for summer in my opinion

  3. Pamela Monzingo

    I love your fashion sense.  I like your thoughts about work attire.  I used to work in a corporate environment for over 25 years.  There are so many times I would look at outfits and think, that is not work appropriate.  I don't care what people wear, but I think at work there should be some decorum.  I guess I am just old. LOL

  4. Karra C

    Thank you for your tips. I had a job interview and I used your classic look for the interview. I had classic white button down I just need a blazer. I went shopping at Ann Taylor and pick one up. I also stopped at White House Black Market and pick up a dress for work. Thank you so much for the tips keep them coming…

  5. PennySue Morgan

    You my friend are one of the most beautiful and classy women I have ever seen. You seriously are spot on with your style of dressing. You are quickly becoming my favorite youtuber. You're around my age and that makes it even more fun for me to watch. I'm 49.

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