Q&A Vlog | Makeup Recommendations Life & More

Q&A Vlog | Makeup Recommendations Life & More

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  1. Ms.Brilly

    LOL@19 cents a day!!!   Love your videos, thanks so much for sharing your skill and time with us.  I learn so much from you and you are so knowledgeable about makeup in general as well as issues that affect me personally ( hyper pigmentation, oily skin, etc). I'm about to hit you up on Twitter with a million and one questions for the next video lol!

  2. fancy tam

    I Sebastopol agree with the eyeshadow not matching what you got on, saw someone yesterday with a bright pink top, bright pink eyeshadow, pink had band and earrings. But I will definitely like a video on matching looks with outfits, I just go with the colour wheel for now.or just play it safe with eyeliner only

  3. DivaDollFlawless

    Lol just 19 cents a day can buy you a bomb foundation! Lol lol soooo true lol I was sitting here wondering why I have to search your vids & duh me I was subbed from my old channel. Smh this vid was so good I agreed with all your responses.? Jshea oil is bomb I have been using it for my household for about a yr now!

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