Quick and Easy Nude Makeup Tutorial | A Model Recommends

Quick and Easy Nude Makeup Tutorial | A Model Recommends

Please see below for notes and product links! My website is here: Products Used – please read about the Chanel mascara.


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  1. Daisy Chiu

    Greetings from San Francisco, USA.   Ruth, I have been a subscriber for a while but first time to comment.  Love this look and very curious about the D&G bronzer.  I am not a bronzer or contour girl but am noticing how aweful I look in pictures.  I general prefer liquid products, but am beginning to think maybe I should start doing either some light contouring or brozer to add some dimenstion to my face.  Between the D&G bronzer and the Chanel Le Beige powder, which do you think will serve that purpose well for me.  I usually wear Armani Luminous silk in 5.0 or Chanel aqua in 20.  Thanks. Cheers.

  2. Sarah Steventon

    I love that chanel mascara, I got a little sample of it and I was sold straight away. Out of the numerous mascaras over the years that I've used, this is the only one that has made them as full and as long as false lashes do. It looks incredible on you as well mind Ruth. This is my husbands account by the way, I am called Sarah lol. Just in case anyone wondered.

  3. Kathy Walmsley

    Think your eyes look incredible. Love the lip colour. What blush or highlighter would you add if you wanted that pop of flush to the cheek? I'm more sallow than you so I couldn't do without a peachy blush and a highlight
    By the way our cat Sam does the same to carpets. Little menaces 😻

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