Review: Obagi-C Rx Skin Health System

Review: Obagi-C Rx Skin Health System

This is my review on the Obagi-C system. Thanks to ginalinda35 for the request! Sorry it took me a while. I forgot to mention in the video that while using Obagi, …


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  1. pearlintheoyster

    I've used this product Obagi and loved it. I guess I can see your skin looks with alot of pimple scars. Micro plus obagi made my skin look flawless and gorgeous. I had many comments on how my skin just radiated. I'm sorry it didn't do much for you. I referred my sister to do mico dermabrasion + obagi. When I came to visit her in SFO i've asked if she was using foundation? No she said. Her skin looked alot better and is the same texture and problem skins like yours. There's other obagi prod

  2. AEClark1130

    You should try Amnesteem. Its a prescription drug (generic for Accutane). I was a little bit nervous trying it at first because I didn't have horrible acne. I broke out in the same areas everytime, but it was definitly moderate acne, not severe. My doctor let me try it because he considered my condition "chronic". Within 3 months of taking the medication, my face was COMPLETELY clear. I didn't have a single blemish for over a year. I use Proactiv now to keep it looking good.

  3. Erica Isenor

    I had hyper pigmentation on my upper cheeks and forehead, I have done IPL treatments, which helped a little. The Obagi C Rx System is what really fixed it. The C Clarifying Serum is the best. I used it as a chemical peel on segregated areas; i used it for 3 days and then stopped to allowed it to peel and repeated for one more week. Brown spots are gone. Cleansing Gel does not dry out my skin. Day and night cream is the only product that properly moisturizes my face. Highly recommended.

  4. Tatiana Heringer

    Hi Dedangerous, I'm using this right now sense 4 or 5 days and I started peeling.I wanted to use The NU-DERM System but my dermatologist told me that it's for people most of the time with severe acne or acne scars and aging sings… I don't understand why your doctor recommended you this treatment a wile the Nu-Derm would work much better on in your case…. Anyway thanks for the Revew. =-)

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