Sephora VIB Recommendations :: Makeup

Sephora VIB Recommendations :: Makeup



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  1. LadyEMC2TV

    All of your recommendations are so good. I have a mini of that Marc Jacobs bronzer. I love it. I don't think up be able to get anything this year. But I am adding some of your suggestions for a future haul. Thanks for always making such amazing videos. ??

  2. AgendaInMind

    Yes! I'm glad you remembered the Liquid Summer! I love that stuff and one bottle has lasted more than a year with DAILY use. I'm going to try the Buxom glosses for a change. Does the Lip Polish last as long as the Lip Cream? I like things that will last a LONG time, I don't have time to constantly touch up my face. You did a fabulous job on this!!

  3. juanagomez1988

    Great video! looks like I need a 3rd order… so far I've got the new hourglass surreal light palette, the smashbox master class lighting theory palette, the bite lip sets, the Sephora favorites glow kit, the smashbox lipstick set, the clean mini perfume set, and the set from briogeo the winter hair revival kit …do I need anymore, no …but do I want more, definitely

  4. Yevgeniya Mirkina

    Love me a long video from you!!! I got the Sephora featherweight crease brush during the sale and I love it and I'm spoiled by Japanese brushes … Cannot wait to see what u haul from the sale … Ok off to Sephora website to look (uhhmm) buy some of your recommendations 🙂

  5. Deb InPEI

    I don't care for the lighter under the eye look, kinda a reverse panda eyes so I use my skin tone or a shade darker to cover bags and so do many others I notice now. I have the Tarte single in Shake Down (bronze) and really love it~ The only things I'm getting on the sale is lippes, I really pared down my collection to what I love but finding its time to try brands I don't have. Thanks for sharing, it was great.

  6. Joyce L

    Yasss. Killing it with these recommendations! ABH is doing some wonderful things this year with their palettes. I'm getting the Modern Renaissance, but it's sold out on the Canadian site rn, so hopefully they restock soon. ? Totally agree that NARS regular line of lipsticks don't get enough love. Their sheerer lipsticks are beautiful. Their blushes are definitely always going to be a favourite. Don't forget Guerlain's meteorite perles are really good as a glowing face powder. Packaging is also beautiful and can be repurposed.

  7. jess nefex

    not sure if you've tried but if you haven't you should try the Kevin Aucoin candelight highlighter it's so great in person. love love. I love that and luminous light from Hourglass the best for highlight. I feel like Becca highlights are over hyped.

  8. Nicole Clark

    I love the Becca Backlight Priming Filter! Out of all the primers I've tried (Porefessional, drugstore ones, even that Nivea shave balm), I always go back to the Backlight Priming Filter. Outside of the Shimmering Skin Perfectors, the Backlight Priming Filter is probably my favorite product from Becca. It works really well with the face and body foundations (I'm currently using the MAC version). Sometimes I even use the primer, no foundation, conceal where I need it, and top it off with a powder.

  9. danmariemakeup

    Great recommendations! So many things I want to get. I did pick up BB Camel at F&F because of your rec, but I'm having a hard time making it look less yellow. Does it pull yellow on you? If so, would love any recs for what to pair it with to cancel it out a bit. I love a warm crease but its just looking a little meh on me.

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