You walk over to the first row of shelves and touch the velvety texture of the newest creamy eye shadows. Next testing a lip plumper beside the new shadows, your taste buds tingle with a rich vanilla flavor. You hear the beautiful song of beauty advisors offering their best advice and knowledge to customer questions and concerns.

Sephora appeals and tickles your senses throughout the longevity of your stay, which can be a mere five minutes to pick up a favorite product to an hour or more – browsing, testing, tasting, smelling and loving every second of your stay in this beauty mecca.

Sephora offers free makeup consultation from extremely knowledgeable beauty advisors who take into account your skin tone, textures and products that you adore and come up with a gorgeous face that you will be able to recreate on your own. The best part is you can scoop up the product they used and take it straight away to the counter, glowing and excited to try the items at home.

The company website offers not only fantastic makeup, skincare, fragrance, bath and body, hair, smile and men’s goods but it other grand features that have yet to be mimicked elsewhere in the beauty world. There are the beauty solutions, which answer any questions on sun, skin, fragrance finders and more. Beauty school has a video section so you can replay until you learn to master a specific look on your own.

The latest addition to the fabulous Sephora is a beauty insider card. Although it is not available at the moment, you can sign up early to reap the beauty benefits that come with the card.

Sephora appeals to all the senses to help you look, feel, taste, and smell your best with an overabundance of out of this world products and all the best beauty assistance and advice a company could ever offer.



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