Skincare by Lancome. the Review-Genefique & Visionnaire

Skincare by Lancome. the Review-Genefique & Visionnaire

Lancome Genefique- Youth Activator Lancome Visionnaire- Advanced Skin Corrector For Product List & Products Worn My …


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  1. Carolina Holden

    Lancome has an awesome product for dark spots, it's called Bright Expert. You have to use it every day, morning and night. It breaks down the melanin that clusters together to form the dark spots, and disperses it, which evens out your skin tone.

  2. Jency A

    did you use both products together at the same time? I'm planning to purchase genifique sa sahod.

    by the way, i'm happy to find a Filipina doing reviews because I can relate better with regards to the skin tone and type. Thanks! great and helpful review!

  3. Rose C

    Genifique is the only serum that you can layer under other serums. So apply the Genefique first and then the Visonnaire. I have been using both everyday for the past week and I have nothing but good things to say. I have noticed a difference.

  4. goldfish1871

    i do find that the lancome visionnaire would work best when you do use a serum with it. i used my visionnaire sample with the caudalie serum and it was amazing! when i used the rest of my visionnaire sample without the serum, it was still great but not as fantastic.

    great review! 🙂

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