Skinceuticals Review – New Products!!

Skinceuticals Review – New Products!!

Watch my latest reviews of these excellent SkinCeuticals Skincare products. I regularly see an outstanding esthetician in the greater Washington, DC area.


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  1. BeatriceStCyr

    @sheradri0207 Hi! You know, that's a great question. So far, the product I've ordered from them appear to be "fresh." I just recently began to use them after mixed results with eBay and Amazon. Let me try to find out for you and get back. Thanks so much,



  2. MsMakeupchic

    Hi B, thanks for showing us your updated skincare products. I am keen to try some of them, but I am trying to use what I have first. Thanks for telling us where you purchase them from. Have you ever tried buying from Strawberry net? Thanks for this video and your advice. Cheers! JA :o)

  3. BeatriceStCyr

    Hi and thanks for your question. Here's what I've been advised: "Refrigeration is known to extend the useful life of antioxidants [including products like Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and the AOX eye gel]. Generally, manufacturers of these products recommend storing them in a cool, dark place.

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