THE BEST SKINCARE PRODUCTS… in my humble opinion.

THE BEST SKINCARE PRODUCTS… in my humble opinion.

To see products for oily skin click here Bioderma H2O …


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  1. Teena Joemon

    Skin product companies want everyone to give their products a try to show how good they are.
    Have you ever seen the cosmetics stand set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products?
    Well you must check out this website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free skin products 🙂
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  2. Julie

    The brand Paula's Choice is quite amazing, the ingredients are research based and the quality and concentration of those ingredients rival those of very very high end products, but Paula's Choice is quite affordable, and she ships world-wide, you guys should review her line!

  3. vamosama

    You've got lovely eye-brows. But I can't understand the names of the products (the mosturizer?) I'm not English I've never seen that mosturizer before so I need to see the name clearly or I don't know what you're talking about.

  4. asma al

    Hi how are you :),i have a question ,i'm 21 years old and i'm a female , so i can use the eye products and the whole products in this video?, if not what is the best skin care products for normal skin (not dry, or oily skin),, thank you

  5. me keltu

    Anyone can end up getting acne. My own slightly older buddy had acne as much as his young boy. Both managed to remedy themselves as soon as they discovered the Acne Executioner (Google it). Lots of people will never be as fortunate as them however test it if you need a cure.

  6. purepoisen

    I tried to too go all naturel on my skin care other than exfoliator I use witch hazel exfoliator always have. I was using honey as my cleanser, witch hazel as my toner and a cheap nivea moisturiser. however the honey coursed me to brake out really badly so I changed to the pink grapefruit Neutrogena cleanser and have kept the rest the same and my skin has been really good and has really settled. and its cheap the cleanser is the only pricey thing but its worth it.  

  7. Natalie O'Neill

    I've been looking at swapping to the Embryolisse Lait Creme instead of my current moisturiser which is Nivea Q10, I have found my face gets slightly oilier towards the end of the day (don't have oily skin) so I'm guessing its because it's getting colder so my skin is getting dryer then producing more oil. However, to counteract this i've been using Liz Earle light moisturiser on top of my regular moisturiser and it's causing tiny little whiteheads. Do you think the Embryolisse will be too heavy for my skin and cause these tiny whiteheads too? I have somewhat dry skin with oilier t-zone, but nothing extreme.

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