The Ride Or Die Makeup Tag | Jaclyn Hill

The Ride Or Die Makeup Tag | Jaclyn Hill

You helped me come up with the name for this tag/challenge, so here it goes! Rules: List your ride or die cosmetic products from each category (foundation, …


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  1. Emma B

    My ride or dies:
    Primer: Tarte drink of h2o cream (it's a moisturizer but I love using it as a primer)
    Foundation: tarte rainforest of the sea
    Concealer: lise waiter portfolio (it's a brand in Canada)
    Powder: Laura mercier transluscent under the eyes and hourglass ambient lighting palette one the rest of the face
    Bronzer: nars Laguna
    Blush: becca hyacinth
    Highlight: huda beauty 3D highlight in pink sands
    Brows: benefit ka-brow
    Eyeshadow: tarte tartelette in bloom palette
    Mascara: Marc jacobs velvet noir
    Lips: boxum lipgloss in White Russian

  2. Scarlett Albertson

    Foundation: tarte rainforest of the sea
    Concealer: NARS creamy radiant
    Powder: rimmel stay matte
    Bronzer: tf sweat tea bronzer
    Blush: tf sweetheart blush
    Highlighter: ud afterglow
    Eye palette: naked 1
    Mascara: tf better than sex
    Lipstick: mac kinda sexy
    Gloss: milani clear lip gloss
    No one probably cares but it felt nesscary🍦

  3. Amelia S

    Primer: pore fesh
    Foundation: maybelline dewy and smooth
    Concealer: collection last perfection
    Powder: Rimmel stay Matt
    Under eye powder: RCMA
    Bronzer: Tanya burr bronzer
    Blush: milani luminoso
    Highlight: champagne pop
    Eyeshadow pallet: naked 3
    Eyeliner: Rimmel exaggerate liner
    Mascara: maybelline lash sensational
    Gloss: too faced lip gloss
    Lip stick: Rommel Kate moss 45

    Most is drugstore coz I'm broke👍

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