Watch Dr. Oz|Anti Aging|Best Anti Aging Creams – Dr.Oz Antiaging

Watch Dr. Oz|Anti Aging|Best Anti Aging Creams – Dr.Oz Antiaging

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  1. Mindy Haley

    i think your so pretty with out your mackup. i can tell your sad after u take that stuff off but people need u 2 do what u doing with these vids. u have guts and thank you. im alergic 2  mackup butsome i can use. u are so special and should never hide.

  2. Charmaine Trahan

    Thanks for being brave enough to share with the world. I have had a lifetime of struggles with acne. It used to bring me to tears, too. In the past year I started using the Nuface and the Tanda. (blue and red leds) Big life changer! I leave the house without makeup now and I never thought I would be able to say that. I hope that helps. Stay beautiful.

  3. lisa love

    Cut it out silly,it will not last forever. Be brave, their are millions just like you. Do you know how beautiful you are? and how many young women and men you are helping! Keep up the great work angel.  Blessed Be,   Lisa


    Have you tried Dr Perricone clear skin supplements they are a miracle without antibiotics. I have some of the same issues plus others I will not go into but I have notice anything containing silicon or silicone tends to aggravate the acne and make it angry looking red and blotchy.

  5. ernesto vargasbravo

    I loved how you easily changed your natural appearance into a great well unified skin but………………have you ever thought how your skin is going to look after many years of getting make up this way?l mean ,all you do is ok now you don't still have any rinkle but then it's not going to work for good.i advise you not to put that much make up,,,,,,,,

  6. Shkulla Maiwandi

    I had acne for many years and the one that really worked for me was a cool touch should see a doctor who performs the cool touch laser. it doesn't have any down time like you can have your laser done and walk out, but one will even know you had anything done…Try it cos it saved my life..

  7. Sherry Bennett

    You're so young and pretty. You shouldn't be too hard on yourself, but I know how it feels to be self conscious about something that you try to change and just can't. It's a stage, in ten years I'd be willing to bet the acne problem will be in your past and forgotten. As you got your foundation on you could tell how your confidence level went out the roof!!! Good luck, I'd like to let you know that Proactive worked for my daughter and my son, but I'm sure you've tried lots of stuff and that stuffs been around awhile. The overnight "emergency" cream stuff worked like magic!! I can't remember the name of it. Anyway….let yourself shine always…you're a beautiful girl!!

  8. PA DI

    Being pretty in the out side is not that important what is valuable is if you are beautiful on the inside which I am pretty sure that you are lol. So don't be insecure you are gorgeous not matter what. I am sorry, I know my English is not that good lol.

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