Whats New in Skincare?! Skinmedica Lytera 2.0

Whats New in Skincare?! Skinmedica Lytera 2.0

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  1. Joelle R.

    hello Brianna, I wanted to ask you why you alternate between Retin-a and Retinol?? I only use retin-a for acne, and it has been working wonderfully but the practionner who does my dermapen wants to sell me a retinol cream. I don't understand why I should use retinol if I already use retin-a??

  2. Karen .c.h

    I get confused at times about the order in which to apply products and how long to let a product soak in before applying another. Did you say this product can be mixed with your retin a and applied at the same time or that they both can be used in your routine (say nightly) but applied separately? Thanks Bri.

  3. MsEclectic

    Hi sweetie. You told someone in another video that you are 37. 37!!!! You look f***ing amazing? tbh deep down I always thought to myself " yeah yeah look at her harping on about anti aging, when clearly she's in her mid 20s , what does she know about aging skin" I'm kicking myself now especially since I'm never wrong in guessing someones age lool? I have a new found respect for you luv???

  4. manifestingjayde25

    Hyperpigmentation is such a problem for me from my youth spent in the sun…ugh.  I've had many IPL treatments and you have to keep it up and they are a major OUCH!   I'll give this a try, since my skin is so super sensitive and you said it's good for sensitive skin.  You need to do a skye video with Shannon, miss her!

  5. Renee Wilkes

    I love the original Lytera – I've had excellent results with it. But, I am excited that the new product does not contain any retinol. I am thinking that I could use it in my rotation for days where my skin can't tolerate any exfoliation (after a peel, strong retinol or laser). I also love that it can be used during the day.

  6. Lovez Cakez

    first of all i have never ever heard of u….ur so freakn beautiful i have no idea how old u r but u look like early 30s……anyway i just wanted what under eye drugstore creams u suggest to blur out those wrinkles and i have never used one but want to and i want to know of theres one i can use under my foundation nd all that?

  7. Diana Duran

    Bri, I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU!!!! I would be solo happy and glad if you answer this please! I really wanna try some products that you have been mentioning, but I am pregnant and I am gonna be breastfeeding also, so when I bought something from Premier Look, I read that I can´t use any product with Hydroquinone or Retin-A or Retinol (thank you so much for sending that note, by the way), soooo…. my question is, CAN I USE THIS ONE SAFELY??? THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂

  8. Sarah Munoz

    I have a question for Brianna or anyone else. I know the Sanitas retinol peel cream L3 has been mentioned, but has anyone tried the Sanitas skincare retinol resurfacer 2? What happened (peeling etc…)? There aren't any reviews yet on Premierlook. I don't think I can pull off level 3 (concerned about reaction and possible damage) as I don't use retinol frequently, or retin-A at all. Thanks.

  9. Amy Murray

    Can you recommend some specific products for adult acne? I never dealt with acne as a kid now in my early 30s it totally freaks out on a pretty regular basis. I've tried some elimination diet stuff and I just can't seem to figure it out, but I just cannot handle it anymore! I also have dry skin. Ready to try some other plan for this.

  10. Jian Lin

    It is a great video. Thanks for sharing your insights regarding this new Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum. I would like to know whether it will be OK that I put on my make up while I am using this product. THANK YOU!

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